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Heavy rain caused Raffles City to flood and Esplanade MRT to drip?

The weather in Singapore has been pretty erratic this month; being very hot in the morning and heavy downpours in the afternoon. I was just complaining about the heat in the morning. Who knows? After lunch, suddenly heavy raiN!!  :reallypissed: [...]

January 20, 2012 Random Rants

SMRT Survival Kit by Gmarket

Got this email after posting my previous post on my Facebook Wall, which is damn funny.. SMRT, you know you’re awesome when even G-Market enjoys marketing milage at your expense   [...]

December 28, 2011 Random Rants

Shocking reaction to SMRT Breakdown


December 28, 2011 Random Rants

Celebrating Christmas 2011 with SMRT

Just a while ago on the MRT, I saw this very interesting display caused by “FAULTY” lights and thought… Doesn’t it fit well for Christmas? For your entertainment… *grins* [...]

December 1, 2011 Random Rants

Dream dream dream… on a train… zzz…

I’m not sure about you, but long train rides for me are either a good opportunity to catch a good nap or get some work done. Here are some really hilarious “nap-in-train” shots. :devil: Just… about to fall asleeep. Pretending [...]

October 25, 2011 Random Rants