Saturday 28th March 2015,
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Beijing City Requires Microblog Users To Identify Themselves

Grossly behavior of Singapore youth featured on chinese twitter Weibo

Oh my.. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, but if this were true, it really goes to show something about this girl. You will also get old one day, and I’m very sure you do not want this to happen [...]

February 12, 2012 Random Rants

I am finally back here for good.. from the 20 day hiatus

Hellos, 안녕하세요, こんにちは, 你好, if you had been following my blog, you will be wondering where have I been for the past 20+ days. Don’t worry… I didn’t disappear, was just super busy with many events and assignments. In this [...]

February 12, 2012 Random Rants, Style & Fashion