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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launch in Singapore (October 2012)

Wow!!! It’s really uncommon for us to see sooOooo MANY people in-and-around Plaza Singapura especially when there is no special festival or events happening! Guess what? This is exactly the crowd at the Samsung GALAXY Note II LTE Pre-Launch (a [...]

October 20, 2012 Technology & Gadgets

Food Review: Charly T’s at Katong I12

The past two weeks had been filled with many exciting events that went in both ways. As much as I try to be that “all angelic nice guy”, I’ve came to realize that it is really not sustainable. There’s just [...]

May 8, 2012 Food

I don’t really have a title for this

Oh my… Last week was a really busy week with a “sudden” research paper due, couple assignments and basically I procrastinated a lot of my time away… :reallypissed::reallypissed::reallypissed: :ghost: Oh yeah.. Plus I fell sick over the weekend which sucked! [...]

October 21, 2011 L.i.f.E