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The type of guy that girls really want

I’m writing this post targeted at GUYS since Naomi is going to write one for girls tonight. ^_^ And please don’t ask me to introduce Naomi to you (although you are interested to 顺便 know me too!) hahaha… In a [...]

April 11, 2012 Random Rants

Romantic SMS Guys should Send to their Girl (Part #1)

Dear readers, if you have followed me on Twitter (@darrensim), you would have noticed that I’ve been tweeting a lot about relationship and BGR. It not that I’m in a relationship… Some of my followers on Twitter have asked me [...]

March 24, 2012 Random Rants

How to Make Your Girl Happy

Have you always wondered why your girlfriend/wife is always pissed about something that you are clueless about? After reading this, girls are not too hard to please after all… :sidefrown: What they want is really simple, your wholehearted attention… [...]

November 23, 2011 Random Rants