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Spreading the Joy with Cadbury Joyville Bus

My fellow media friends (together with their families) and I had the opportunity to embark on a fun-filled journey into a mythical and joyful land of Cadbury, Joyville some weeks back. Although it rained, it did not stop us from feeling excited to ride on the Cadbury Joyrider.

Here comes the Cadbury Joyrider.

One of the workers from Joyville sheltered us as we boarded the Cadbury Joyrider.

Check out the interior Christmas decorations in the Joyrider!

In the spirit of giving, the Joyville workers distributed Chocolate goodies to all of us!

Look at the variety of Cadbury chocolate bar.

Mr Nutpod will be our tour guide.

We played mini-games during our journey. The first mini game was a race to finish a chocolate bar and winners stand a chance to win an “iPad mini”. Two winners emerged from the mini-game and were given an “iPad mini” sized block of chocolates! The key to winning this game was to chose the correct chocolate bar.

The second game was called “guessing the word”. It uses the same concept as the game, Taboo.

Winners will win iPad mini sized chocolate blocks.

We stopped by the Singapore Flyer for a photo taking session before hopping back into our Joyrider to continue our journey.

The last game involved everyone playing scissors, paper & stone.

Miss Hazelnuttypants, Uncle Joe and Mr Nutpod

The Cadbury Joyrider has been offering free rides to members of the public ever since 21 November 2013, starting from Raffles Place. Don’t miss it and be sure to hop on board. Donations collected from the Cadbury Joyrider will go directly to School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF).

Cadbury Joy of Giving Experience:

  • 21-22 November 11am-4pm: Raffles Place
  • 1 December 11am – 3pm: SAFRA Open House
  • 14 December 1-5pm: Downtown East

Cadbury Joyrider Routes:

  • 23 November – 25 December: Details on the locations, routes and times can be found on the Cadbury Facebook Page

Spread the message of giving this season on social media using hash tags #Cadburysg and #Joyridersg!

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  1. asuna December 26, 2013 at 10:37 am

    The first time I knew Singapore had also chocolate-related activities

  2. bugsbunny December 26, 2013 at 11:23 am

    this even look really good

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