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Getting backdoor access with Backick

Darren Sim July 28, 2012 Technology & Gadgets No Comments

Traveling has been one of my favorite activities since I was a teen. I always looked forward to school holidays, not because I do not need to wake up at 5.30am to head to school, but because my family has a culture of going on overseas trips (long/short) during the vacations.

Due to my speaking engagements, I fly around a lot more frequently these days (at least 4 times a year) and the one thing I almost always do is to………EXTEND MY STAY after the conference……

As a frequent traveller, my hotel requirements have grown to be more practical… Why do I want to pay $350 a night for a hotel room when I only use it to sleep and bathe?

Curious what I look out for when I select hotels? Here’s my list:

  1. Clean and odorless rooms with a refrigerator and safe: Did I mention this before? I can tolerate mess, but not bad odor. Refrigerator is another thing I really can’t live without for several reasons: 1) Put my mask, 2) Put my drinks & 3) Store chocolates! Last but not least…… a SAFE allows me to leave my passport and valuables in the hotel with a peace of mind.
  2. Decent internet connection during the stay: Although I will always get a local SIM card with data connection every time I visit a foreign country, stable internet connectivity is still very important… While overseas, I still regularly blog, and uploading the gazillion photos will be too slow on a mobile internet plan!
  3. Comfortable beds and pillows: Needless to say.. After a long day’s work, I think this is the bare minimum that I deserve. Don’t you think?
  4. A nice work desk in the room: Laptop + me on bed = yawns…..eyes half close….maybe can wait till tomorrow then do…sleep!

I’m quite sure I’m not the only deal seeker around, and many of us do our homework to get the best deals! When I received the invite to attend the launch event, my eyes immediately sparkled…. ANOTHER LOBANG (Def) FOR GOOD HOTEL DEALS!

This event happened last tuesday at The Loof @ Odeon Towers. If you have no idea where this building is, it is the new-age building opposite raffles hotel!


At the registration counter, each of us were given a very pretty badge to write our names, and sticker that will later split us up into teams. Sneaky….


These are the five designs available, from which we can choose one to write our names on.

Orange people

The dress-code for the evening was “anything orange”…

Cup Cakes

Omg… Look at the galore of cupcakes prepared for guests…

Cup Cakes Close Up

Cup cakes seemed to be the in-thing at events these days… Look at it… Aww… So pretty and cute…

Cup Cakes Close Up

This is not the sticker from earlier… But rather Backick emoticons printed on some special edible sugar. I tried eating it, but it was kind of tasteless. But the muffin was really good though…

guests and folks from the media industry present at the events…

Spot the camwhores!

My Badge

Tada! Look at my name badge… I’m really amazed by my own handwriting….. Hahaha….

My Sticker

And… my little hotel sticker…

Bar area

Look at the galore of alcohol available at The Loof! Fortunately, we do not have earthquake in Singapore

Bar tender

I heard that drinks were free flow all night… So you can expect the bar tender to be really busy. As usual, I observed my no alcohol policy while attending events, thus settling for orange juice instead.

Big fan

The monster kept us cool during this outdoor in hot and humid Singapore.

Plants from ceiling

My drinks

after most of the guests arrived, the event is finally about to begin… For a moment, I thought that the lady in red hair was DBLChin..

The host for the night… He’s really humorous and cute (omg… I said he was cute? I’m straight! Damn it!)…

One of the backick executives sharing with us more about Backick.

There were many games in store for the night, which provide guests many opportunities to earn more Backick dollars that they can use to purchase hotel stays via the site.

The host explaining the first game. Basically, participants have to watch the Backick video that will be projected on the displays and answer a question…

But before they could answer the question, they will have to hit this gong!

Participants listening very attentively to….

this video is all about how works….

win gong game

a very very very happy winner of the gong game…

As energy in the crowd rises, the game became more physical and intense! This next game requires participants to physically BACKICK! The higher they were able to BACKICK, the more vouchers they will receive!

High kick ang mo

Wah! Look at this kick!!!!

Aiyo! Don’t cheat lah!!! It is BACKICK, not sidekick k!!!!! -_-

After another try (legally backicking), he managed to accumulate $30 BACKICK vouchers…

This is definitely one of the highest BACKICKs for the night… The girl must be thinking…. Why you kick my nose???

All the backicks

All the brave souls who risked over stretching their hamstrings to attempt the BACKICK challenge!


Guess who is this??? *ahem*

photo girls

And of course… Last with so many media folks around… What’s FUN without some camwhore?

WOW! Their polaroid camera soooo BIG!!!!

Guy photo fun

Doesn’t he look a little like…..

MR WILLIAM HUNG of American Idols????

Image gallery

Soo after tickling your tastebuds… How does BACKICK really work and how will it affect you? Watch the following YouTube videos to find out!

In essence, BACKICK is the world’s first socially driven hotel booking website where friends help pay for your travel!

Taking an innovative approach towards hotel booking, backick brings fun and social experience in, allowing you to monetise your social media friendships and build a self-propagating network of unbeatable hotel discounts and cash rewards.

With over 100,000 hotels worldwide to choose from, with attractive offers of up to 80 per cent off basic hotel rates, there’s something for everyone!

Blog Giveaways

As I always tell fellow bloggers… We exist because of the support that our readers give us! So I very buay pai seh, and managed to get my readers a free $50 BACKICK voucher… Which I will give out via a lucky draw!!!!

So here’s how you can take part in this special giveaway:

  1. Visit and connect it with your Facebook account.
  2. Watch out my Twitter (@darrensim) for my call-out for this give away
  3. Retweet the tweet
  4. Look out for the results that will be published on Tuesday!

On the way out… We saw this really interesting poster about the National Day Party at Loof. Seems like many in the creative industry are riding on the #FreeStickerLady bandwagon!

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