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Singapore Blog Awards 2012

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After many crazy months of work and stress, the much awaited trip to Bangkok finally happened last week! WohoO! Did lots of shopping and tailored some cloths just for the upcoming Singapore Blog Awards 2012 event! Despite all these excitement before and during the trip… WE MISSED OUR FLIGHT BACK


Looking at the brighter side, it was also because we missed the flight that I got to explore the “secret locations” and shortcuts within the Bangkok airport. *grins* Shall blog about it really soon… If you’re a terrorist, please do not read that post, plan an attack on the airport, and blame it on me!

I’ve been to many awards ceremonies in different capacities, ranging from Organizer, Judge, Keynote speaker, and being an invited Guest. However, what makes it special this time is that I’m attending the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 ceremony as a finalist!

Since the weather yesterday was really humid and warm, and I was all dressed up, I decided to call a cab to avoid reaching there (Singapore Flyer) sweaty and stink!


Wah! These days, cabs are like super markets! Any type of cards, also they accept! Maybe next time they even have a mini-vending machine in the cab that sells sweets, facial wipes and etc art! Idea~

Five years later if they really implement that, you know someone from the Taxi Company read my blog and stole my idea! But they can offer to sponsor me lifetime cab though~ WOotx!

Hot Sun

Oh my… I pity the folks on the opposite side of the road preparing for NDP rehearsal under the “radiance” of the punishing sun.

Long Queue

Wow! The queue is really long, but I see many familiar faces… Seems like many of the established bloggers are gracing this event too!

Photo Items

Just in case anyone needed props to cam-whore while waiting in the queue. So thoughtful of the organizers arh~

Poison Ivy

One of the guest-singers all dressed up for the event! POISON IVY! Her vocals is really powerful… Definitely the next Singapore Idol in the making!

Goddie Bag 2

So many flyer notepads and pens!

Goodie Bags

OMG! Look at the number of goodie-bags that they have in store!

Ghost Begin

As we were queuing up, suddenly we saw these three ghosts walking around! I think the most scary award definitely goes to the UNCLE HUNTU!

Brown Ghost

This is the camera-friendly ghost. I bet he has a blog and Facebook account too! ^_^

Red Ghost

Red-ghost… Why weather so hot, you got umbrella you no use? Can lend me?

Uncle Ghost

Scary uncle ghost! Look at him from head to toe, from which angle look, also scary!

DBL Chin

DBLChin and Sexy-Back blogger (not her real name, IDK who she is too! haha).

SHIN! Bloggers

The Casio Sheen bloggers… Hahah… Look at super mario! So cute, and she even brought along a gameboy too! LOL! Lets trade cartridge?

Minister Arrive

The guest of honor for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards is non-other than Minister for Education, Mr. Heng Swee Keat!


Mr. Chua Chim Kang (Chief Editor of OMY.SG and VP of SPH) addressing the delegates.

Celebrating it’s 5th Year, the Singapore Blog Awards returns this year with a blast; instilling the theme of “5uperBloggers, Attack!” into this magnificent annual event. Five veteran bloggers have also been crowned as “SuperBloggers” – role models for new-comers in the blogosphere!

This year, the Singapore Blog Awards returns with more exciting events and prizes. Other than a custom-made trophy designed by famous artist, Mr Tan Swie Hian, bloggers will also stand to win a trip to Macau, inclusive of air tickets and accommodation and other attractive prizes.

The ten main award categories retains nine from last years’ list of categories, namely “Panasonic Eco Best Photography Blog”, “Panasonic Eco Best Lifestyle Blog”, “Panasonic Best Y-Bloggist”, “Casio Sheen Best Fashion Blog”, “Domino’s Best Food Blog”, “SOLD.SG Best What-The-Hell Blog”, “Best Individual Blog”, “Best Family Blog”, and “Best Travel Blog”. The newly added category, “Best Vlog”, gives recognition to vloggers who are actively providing interesting new contents on video.

Minister Address

Minister Heng in his opening speech, reminded bloggers that with great power, comes great responsibility. He shared that if bloggers were to use their blogs to spread valuable and true insights, this will help the community-at-large grow to become a better place for all.

Super Bloggers

Super Bloggers receiving their awards on stage!

Poison Ivy

Only after quite some time did I noticed that POISON IVY was sitting on the table next to mine. She so fair~ Till can go be high-court judge liao lah!

GMarket Rep

GMarket South-East Asia marketing manager all ready to announce the winner of the best Online Shopping Blog!

Kevin Award

And the Winner is Kevin!

Brown Ghost

I taking photo half-way then the brown ghost appeared from no-where! Haha! This one is called bright-day-light see ghost!

Minister prepare to give prize

Minister Heng’s turn to give out the prizes!

First Award

Winner of the Best Individual Blog at SGBA 2012!

Best Blogshop

Best Blog Shop winner. Next year my turn, cos I going to setup shop sooN! Keep a look out!

Best Beauty Blog

Winner of the Mary Chia best Beauty Blog.


The MC getting the Mary Chia rep to show everyone her sexy back! She really has very very good figure!


The guy MC was teasing the female MC that she was speaking so fast… And she demonstrated her top speed LIVE! hahaha~

Best Food Blog

Winner of Best Food Blog…

Pizza Cutter

Guess what! As part of the package, she will receive a 1 year supply of Dominos Pizza, and they even gave her a special Pizza Cutter to cut all her domino pizzas! hahahaahhaaaa~

Pizza Cutter

And she was sitting right beside me, so I had to opportunity to take some close up shots of her new pizza cutter and trophy. Can pour pepsi inside when eating pizza maybe?

Best WTH Blog?

Winner of the Best What The Hell Blog. Hahah… He looks so cute~

Best Fashion Blog

Winner of this year’s Best Fashion Blog is actually from Penang (or somewhere in Malaysia). So on top of winning this prize, she also got a sponsored hotel stay! So if you’re not based in Singapore, maybe next year can also consider take part in SGBA 2013! But don’t take part same category as me arh!

Minister Make Hair

Before she take photo, she must make hair. So minister also inspired by her, decides to tidy up his hair.

Best Photography

Winner of the Best Photography blog. Take this photo I also a bit stress. Later he email me tell me not enough exposure or etc. hahaha…. I used auto mode arh!


The super cool “flasher”. First time see flash-light is round one.

Best Y-Bloggist

Winner of Best Y-Bloggist.

Dr Jia Jia

And the cutest of all the winners “Dr Jia Jia”. When asked how he became a Phd, he said, to be Doctor, “just make video lor”. hahahahahhh~ Look at the youtube video below for a full coverage of Dr Jia Jia on stage!

DR JiaJia

Hmmm… Maybe Minister don’t want to tell Dr. Jia Jia PSLE exam answer, so Dr. Jia Jia angry… Just kidding!


So here’s the list of all the Winners of the Singapore Blog Awards 2012!


Woo! Buffet of all the traditional Singapore Food!

My Food

Since I had already taken lunch, and on a diet, this is all I took! But I’m sure this little sinful bliss is going to cost me some fats nonetheless!

With William

And….. This is my outfit for the day! Photos “taken” from William’s blog! haha… Who more handsome you think?

Although I did not win this year’s SGBA awards, I thought it was a really good learning experience, especially meeting some of the more veteran bloggers in the process. Looking forward to next year’s event!

Fireworks Image Source: TRB

Just as you think I have forgotten all about my readers, OF COURSE NOT! All these will never have been possible without all of you!

Since national day is around the corner and there will be a few more NDP rehearsals…. Anyone want to SEE FIREWORKS from the FLYER? I have TWO PAIRs of tickets to give away to 2 lucky winners!


To take part, simple visit my Facebook page, click on the “LIKE button“, and stand a chance to WIN! Results will be announced on 24th July 2012 (Tuesday) at 2pm.

Tickets will be posted out on the same day, so that you can get it in your letter-box on 25th July 2012 (Wednesday). Do note that the tickets will expire on the 31st June 2012!

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