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Beerfest Asia 2012 by Timbre Group

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For you beer lovers out-there, it’s time (whoops… “WAS”) for BeerFest Asia again! I’m really excited as this is my first time at this annual event, and this time, as an invited blogger too! Many thanks to Calvin who recommended me to the great folks at Timbre Group & URA.

My pair of complimentary tickets to the event; of which I gave one to my colleagues. By the end of the day, the group going grew from TWO to EIGHT (including wifes and girlfriends)! haha..

Say hi to Chris and Hather…

When Microsoft .NET Developer meets Apple iPhone Developer.

Wow! It’s a fleet of TAXis, all BUSY… In Singapore, we’re really BUSY people.. Even our taxis say so.

A view of Marina Bay sands area at night en-route to the Singapore Flyer. Just in case you are going to Singapore Flyer by MRT, please take CIRCLE-LINE. My decision to align at the City Hall station is really regretful… It’s like additional 15 minutes of walk in humid and hot Singapore.

The lighted Singapore Flyer in the night skies looks like a rainbow… Don’t you think?

These days everything is L.E.D light. Even these “fake” lilies…

By the time we reached the flyer (due to my bad-decision to make everyone walk), we were all super hungry! YUMMY Popyes Chicken!

Just in case it’s your first encounter with BeerFest Asia, it has been around since 2009, held at the Marina Promenade (Singapore F1 Track) where an estimated 32,000 beer lovers will descend to the festival over the 4 days.

Unlike traditional beer festivals, Beerfest Asia embraces international lagers, ciders and there is even a spirits, champagne and wine stand. And… Of course what’s BeerFest without the presence of some of Singapore’s best live bends to perk up the atmosphere?

We reached at about 9pm and all the tables are already full and the place is super packed!

Each ticket (purchased) comes with a free drink. But if your tickets is a complimentary one, sorry.. No free drinks.. (:

Tomb Raider spooted! BeerFest style! hahaha….

I’m IMPRESSED!!! Back-massage…. Party-style!

Never drink before? They even have a drinking class… Hahaha! You wish!
This is actually the an exclusive area for OCBC Card holders (I think)…. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

This reminds me of the water dispenser in our office. But instead of dispensing hot/cold drinking water, it dispenses ICE-COLD alcohol! Don’t you want one in your office too?

Aww… They know I have a soft spot for Taiwan don’t they?

This is the fruit-beer from Taiwan. It’s quite nice and I’m sure the ladies will love it (it doesn’t have the bitter taste of the beer we’re used to getting in the market.

Cash is not accepted at the stalls during the event. If you want to get a drink, you can buy these chips. They come in denominations of $5, $10 and $20 (if I’m not wrong got $50 too). But do note that only 80% of the value of un-used chips will be refunded.

So if you still have some chips after the event, you can either:

  1. Keep it to use for mahjong session, or
  2. Head to the refund booth at the entrance to get your refund.

I know BeerFest is over.. So where can you get this, even after BeerFest? You can head down to CrazyWorld Cafe at China town ya..

I hung around the BeerFest area with Calvin and girlfriend for about two hours, before we decided it’s getting a little WARM.. So we headed over to Ritz Carlton for after-beer cakes.. YUM!

WOW! The afternoon tea package looks so pretty and yummy! Anyone want to be my high-tea date?

I really love the interior of Ritz Carlton. It reminds me of the days I spent in Paris visiting churches during my visit to the United Nations in Geneva for some work related stuff.

Look at the magnificent artwork on the wall…

I’ve been to many Jazz bars & lounges in Singapore (yes, I love Jazz too even though I’m not that old) and I’ve to say that the resident artistes here is really a cut above the rest. (PS: This is not a SPONSORED POST!)

Not only does she sing well, she is also really friendly and came over to thank each table after she’d finished her pieces for the night.

Calvin Girlfriend’s Rose Tea

Calvin Girlfriend’s Rose Tea… Again…

Tada! My bread-stick (it had a super “chim” name which I can’t remember) which melts in your mouth… Something to die for, really…

These are the two dips that comes with the set, some concentrated dark-chocolate Dip, and some lemon dip.

I’ve to say that the service here is really really good….
Lounge Staff: Did you finnish all these by yourself
Me: Uh.. Yes.. I shared two sticks with my friends.. But I ate up the rest… (bcos it was yummy)
Lounge Staff: Oh dear… Let me get you some water, else you might get a sore throat tomorrow morning

Guess what’s this?

One last guess!

It’s a tea strainer… And one of the most delicate ones I’ve seen. The high level of service and, perfecting every single touch point clearly differentiates Ritz Carlton.

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