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TANG Hong Kong Gourmet of Neil Road (Chinatown Area)

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Today was a really exhausting day at work for me with many heart-attack scenarios happening every hour! But somehow my colleague enjoyed it thinking it was very fun. Roller Coaster Ride at the comfort of your seats!


Was really privileged to receive a food review invite at the TANG Hong Kong Gourmet restaurant this evening courtesy of William, a fellow blogger I met at the Charly T’s food tasting few weeks ago. (PS: he has a wake up look that I’m sure will melt many of you girls)

The fate of being caught up at work and a traffic Jam resulted in a very late Darren for his food tasting session. Guess who I saw??


Stepping into the restaurant reminded me of the good-old-days in Pongol, where I used to sit under the zinc roofs to enjoy my favorite Pongol mee-goreng and chilli crab! (I’m not that young anymore…. Not that you will enjoy the privilege or opportunity to sit under the Zinc roof here, but it’s that same homely feeling that you will get.

The refreshing water-chestnut with pink-guava drink @ only SGD 1.50! WOW!

The restaurant’s signature Pekin Duck dish. Although this is not the creme-de-la-creme of Pekin ducks (but still above average), something unique here is that guests will not need to order an entire duck in order to savor it. Now we can all afford to eat Pekin Duck casually.

Steam Fish Head with Chilli and Garlic Sauce

Although this fish looked a little ugly, it is actually very soft. I really liked the way the Chilli and Garlic sauce that went with the fish.

This is the coconut milk prawn… I suspect it’s salted-egg yolk coated too… *drools*

Duck skin deep fried in some special coating….

Doesn’t it look like prawns from this angle?

This is the mini-lobster dish…

Duck noodles served in a super pretty plate.. If you don’t like it too salty, please let the chef know in advance. (Because the noodles by itself is a little salty too).

Double Boil Papaya with Snow Fungi… with lots of health benefits:

[quote ]Doubled boiled Papaya & Snow Fungus Soup Had made this dessert for Xavier to nourish his lungs after he recovered from his bad cough. The vitamins packed papaya promotes healthy metabolism while offering anti-aging benefits. Rock sugar can be used too which is sweet in flavour and mild in nature. It is said to moisten the lungs, strengthens the spleen, helps restore vital energy circulation and is good for digestion. —[/quote]


If you’re working around the area, TANG offers set lunches too… About SG$10 per person

The list of accolades that the owner – Celebrity Chef Mr Benson Tong – has accumulated is a really impressive feat. What I really like about this place is that “it has something for everyone”, iregardless of your budget. For example, instead of choosing to “force” customers to purchase an entire duck, Chef Tong instead opts to allow customers to order just a bite-size portion of the “Pekin Duck”.

This place, in my opinion, definitely does not strive to present the most “atas” food to you. Instead, offering tasty cruisine at an affordable rate.

The TANG Hong Kong Gourmet restaurant is conveniently located opposite the Duxton (the government built condo at the heart of China Town). My recommendation to get there is to alight at Outram MRT Station, and walk over.

Do let me know your dining experience at TANGs via comments. Till the next post, cheers!

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