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Launch of the World’s First Angry Birds Cable Car Ride in Singapore

Darren Sim June 3, 2012 Asia - Singapore No Comments

I’m quite sure many of you will be wondering… Where has Darren gone to, disappearing for a month from blogging (but still extremely active on Twitter and Instagram). Yes, your guess is right! I’ve been busy designing my new blog skin to commemorate my 90th blog post!

As a designer geek, I had always been more interested in designing my blog than actually blogging. I have owned since 2006, changed over 10 blog-skins, but written less than 20 posts over the past 5 years, until September 2011 (when I decided to be serious about blogging).

With under a year of blogging experience under my belt, I am very privileged to be listed within the Top 10 finalists for the Singapore Blog Awards organized by OMY.SG (a SPH subsidiary). There’s many people who have given me some very good advice and help along this journey, but of course, this will all not be possible without the support of my lovely readers!!! If you find my blog worthy, do drop me a vote ya!

The Singapore Cable Car has been one of our national hallmarks since it’s inception. Believe it or not, the Singapore Cable Car “brand” is already 38 years old, and I felt that it really grew up with me.

I was privileged to be invited to the kickoff celebration of the world’s First Angry Birds Cable Car Ride last Friday (thanks to Peggy Heng), to witness and experience these 4th generation cable cars!

The angry bird themed ticketing counters was a really refreshing experience. The moment I stepped in, the cheerful music and colorful prints reminded me of Disney Land.

My media pass for the event, which gave me privileged access during the event.  :party:

My lovely Cable Car Angry Birds tattoo, courtesy of the great folks of Icon Int’l (the PR agency for the event).

The 3 specially designed, fully-wrapped cable car cabins depicting the iconic angry-birds chasing the green pig!

I was told that there will be 30 Angry Birds wrapped cabins in operation, some of which will contain angry-bird plush toys with Angry Birds chirping and pigs snorting surround the entire cabin. They will also be giving riders a complimentary Angry Birds face mask and a mocktail served in a limited edition Angry Birds tumbler.

This is our cabin… Don’t have a lot of pictures taken as it was a super suay day for me; left my camera in office, while my iPhone had only 50% battery left.  Most of the awesome photos are in Peggy’s camera (so check out her blog for it). Peggy, what you taking???

Launch of Angry Birds Adventure Atop Mount Faber by (L-R) Henri Holm (Senior Vice President, Rovio Entertainment), Chan Chee Chong (General Manager, Mount Faber Leisure Group) and Mike Barclay (CEO, Sentosa Development Corporation).

WOops! Mike, didn’t realize that you were grinning at me…  〷◠‿◠〷

Launching of the life-sized angry bird to commemorate the event…

I was standing besides this canon that shot all these pretty paper-flies unknowingly… But it’s so pretty… I want to have my wedding reception here!

The VIPs with the walking angry-birds escorts and their masks… I want that red jacket that Henri is wearing…

The Angry Birds Adventure Atop Mount Faber will be open to public, between June and December 2012. Some of the activities specially planned for the June school holidays include coloring competition, egg painting, and balloon sculpting. Other game booths and iPad games will also be stationed throughout all cable car stations.

The Angry-Bird launching pad… I tried two times, but still can’t seem to get the birds flying…. But a little girl got it flying on first attempt… #SoFail …

iPads that will be available at all cable-car stations equipped with all the Angry Bird games.

Pretty egg paintings featuring the angry birds…

Angry birds pizza, Angry birds cookies, Angry birds water tumblr (the one that all who buy cable-car tickets will get for free)

Angry birds muffins…

Angry birds kids meal..

OMG! Look at the queue of people waiting to board the angry-bird cable cars… What are you waiting for?

After a really warm but fulfilling morning, we were treated to a 3-course lunch at the Black Opal @ Jewel Box. A very chic restaurant that I will certainly come by for that romantic date, or to impress my overseas guests.

The scenic view from the Black Opal. Need I say more?

Look at the roses? SO pretty… Maybe xiaxue can come here for her next blog photoshoot…

Snatching the quick opportunity to cam-whore, while they are eating, and Peggy playing with her new lenses (which takes super awesome food shots).

The starters.. The chicken so small and cute… Really like how they portion out the food. Just enough to satisfy the senses, leaving space for the main course

A dish of roast duck… I really love how everything is presented and I really love the potato and lemond….

This is the only “dish” that I finished eating everything… The chocolate cake is just so rich and irresistible!!! I’d definitely come here again, just for this!

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