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Food Review: Charly T’s at Katong I12

Darren Sim May 8, 2012 Food No Comments

The past two weeks had been filled with many exciting events that went in both ways. As much as I try to be that “all angelic nice guy”, I’ve came to realize that it is really not sustainable. There’s just some jerks out there, who are out to take advantage! So… I’d be selectively nice, and make sure karma finds its ways to those who needs a wake up call!

I’m sure all of you have that one bitch that you want to smack too! Who doesn’t?

One nice encounter I had was the “invited food tasting session” at Charly T’s I12 Katong outlet. If you’ve not been to Katong for some time, the plot of land I12 Katong is sitting on used to be that of Katong Mall.

Katong has a reputation for being home to authentic Nonya cuisine. Over the years, many joins have made a name for themselves including the famous Katong laksa. Situated at the heart of the Katong food street, I12 introduces a new category of food to the Katong food mix.

Source: http://bpdgtravels.blogspot.com

Unlike Parkway Parade which places a great emphasis on retail outlets, I12 Katong strives to find its niche, through housing some of the biggest names in the restaurant & cafe business.

I’ve brisked past Charly T‘s outlet at NOMU (beside cathay) several times en-route to Plaza Singapura. However, the (wrong) perception that I always had, is that this place is damn “atas” and will definitely burn a hole in my pocket.

CharlyT Katong - Entrance

I was privileged to receive a food-tasting invite from Charly T’s two wednesdays ago, at it’s new outlet at I12 Katong. This really changed the earlier wrong perceptions I had about Charly T’s.

The pricing here is actually quite competitive (comparable and in some cases less expensive than Kenny Rogers) and the food is really tastebud teasing… (in a good way of course!)


Charly T’s spots a unique ordering process where, customers will first place their orders at the counter (fast-food style), before proceeding on to their seats. And…. Best of all, there is NO SERVICE CHARGE here..


OMG! Looking at this menu again, two weeks after savoring CharlyT’s signature rotisserie chicken MAKES ME DROOL!!!


A little confession to make here… I’ve never eaten macaroons in my life…. DON’T LAUGH!
Care for a macaroon date anyone? ^_^


And here is some of the other desert selections  that CharlyT’s offers. (PS: Their signature deserts are actually not displayed, because they’re made fresh!)


As you walk in to the I12 Katong outlet, you will notice the open concept kitchen of Charly’T, allowing customers to see the action in the kitchen. I’m sure the kids will love this!


Besides the open concept kitchen, the I12 Katong outlet also spots a private room, furnished with Peranakan-styled furniture. The atmosphere makes it really good for birthdays and family gatherings…


A really heart warming experience for those who cherish simplicity and privacy…



CharlyT Katong - Porch

I12 Katong spots a unique architecture with several outlets boasting a balcony for an outdoor alfresco experience. One of these units is Charly T’s, which opens till late on certain nights, screening various premier league matches live!


Charly T’s food story is extremely unique where Charly is the main character. He will travel around the world to capture unique tastes which eventually makes it to the menu. This poster on this wall highlights the journey that Charly has taken.


The in-charge from CharlyT’s was really nice and sensitive to details, making sure that we felt at home while we were there. This is my drink, a Citrus fresh juice blend. It’s really refreshing and I highly recommend it before a meal.. It will really help open your appetite.

[box type=”blank” class=”bg-blue rounded-10″]DID YOU KNOW?
Eating fruits before a meal might actually help you lose weight, amongst other health benefits. Find out more from this post at http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/fruit-article.html[/box]


Charly T’s Red Tang Odysseys (made up of a blend of Strawberry, cranberry and lychee)


Charly T’s Green Flash Odysseys (made up of a blend of Green apple, orange and pineapple)

The perks of being a blogger on food-tasting is that you get to try everything… Haha! Following are the four types of Rotisserie Chicken that Charly T’s is famous for. Quite frankly, they all looked the same… until you actually taste it!

Try to guess which is which from the following options. I’ve attached the prices too just in case you’re interested. My favorite is definitely the Kampong Chicken! It’s such a rare find these days!

  1. Charly T’s Famous Rotisserie Chicken (Original Recipe)
    $13 (quarter chicken + 2 additions), $24+ (half chicken + 3 additions) & $42+ (whole chicken + 4 additions)
  2. Charly T’s Famous Rotisserie Chicken (Kampong Chicken)
    $15+ (quarter chicken + 2 additions), $27+ (half chicken + 3 additions) & $46+ (whole chicken + 4 additions)
  3. Charly T’s Famous Rotisserie Chicken (New Flavours: Black Pepper)
    $15+ (quarter chicken + 2 additions), $27+ (half chicken + 3 additions) & $46+ (whole chicken + 4 additions)
  4. Charly T’s Famous Rotisserie Chicken (New Flavours: Kansas City BBQ)
    $15+ (quarter chicken + 2 additions), $27+ (half chicken + 3 additions) & $46+ (whole chicken + 4 additions)





Talking about rare find, one of the secrets behind CharlyT’s success it that the chicken used here are all fresh chicken, instead of the normal frozen ones. I’ve tried searching the internet to see if there’s really a difference but most sites say “NO DIFFERENCE”.

So I decided to ask my mom (a retired chef of Raffles Hotel), and after some hesitation, she decided to reveal some of her long kept secrets (I’m sharing it here because she doesn’t read my blog! haha!!) :

  1. Frozen Chicken will have black bones, while Fresh chicken bones are white
  2. The texture of Frozen Chicken might be a little tougher to bite
  3. Sometimes Frozen chicken will have a smell


These are the four different type so sauces to go with the chicken. So colorful and pretty…


When you order each chicken set, it will also come with two sides.


German Potato Salad


Macaroni & Cheese


Fresh Vegetables


Butter Garlic Rice


Fellow bloggers busy taking photographs of the yummy food.. hahaa…


I think it’s an open secret now… But if you don’t already know.. I’m on diet.. So here’s my fine-dining portion of the food. Ever since I was little, I am quite a visual person and I always like to decorate my food before I eat them. So here’s my attempt of decorating all my sides. haha…

This Shao Rou (燒肉) look-a-like is called Kalua Pork. A quick wiki-search revealed that Kalua is actually a hawaiian cooking method.

Dry as it looks, but this piece of pork is one of the softest and most tender I’ve tried to date (only comparable to those I had in Paris).

And after putting it into your mouth… It just melts like an ice-cube would in your mouth! Oh… Mama-mia~


This is the Jumbo Schnitzel Burger… Sinful but really delicious~


This is the Hot Tangy Wings. But don’t be scared off by it’s name… It’s not really that spicy… Definitely not the kind (of hot) as compared to the famous Sunset Grill @ Seletar Airbase


Another of CT’s signature, the CT’s Beef Burger. It was quite funny because all of us were quite full already by the time we reached this item. And we decided to ask the chef to help us cut it into four pieces… And when it came.. We continued chit-chatting and someone was like “the juice is all flowing out”… haha…

So the next time you eat this, make sure you eat it while it’s hot and don’t cut it in four.. haha.. But it’s really nice and soo well cooked that it’s still really tender even when it was cold (by the time we got to eating it).


Finally…. What we’ve all been waiting for… It’s desert time!!!

The first desert item is the Kaiserschmarrn (aka. Emperor’s Mishmash) – a warm and fluffy caramelized pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar, raisins and served with a generous scoop of French Vanilla ice cream. This is my favorite of the two, and I thought it is a wonderful supper treat if you just wanted to catch up with friends after dinner.


This is the pretty ice-cream that I was talking about.



Last but not least, this is the Mocha Cheesecake that’s only available during the mothers’ day period. More details below.

Complimentary Mocha Cheesecake for All Mothers (7 – 13 May 2012)
Dine in at Charly T’s NOMU or I12 Katong from 7 – 13 March and celebrate Mother’s Day with a delicious treat for mom. A homemade Mocha Cheese Cake (for sharing between two guests), compliments of the Chef will be given when mothers dine in with at least two maincourse orders. Promotion is valid all day, any day!

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