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The type of guy that girls really want

Darren Sim April 11, 2012 Random Rants No Comments

I’m writing this post targeted at GUYS since Naomi is going to write one for girls tonight. ^_^
And please don’t ask me to introduce Naomi to you (although you are interested to 顺便 know me too!) hahaha…

In a slightly different tone from Naomi’s, I will be talking about a topic that I’m quite good at “What girls really wants from guys“. Just like girls, guys too have the type of girl they want to date, and those that they want to marry.

^ The girls we want to marry

^ The girls we want to date

The Ideal Woman that every man expects………..

  • She will always be beautiful and cheerful. She could marry a movie star but she wants only him.
  • She will have hair that never needs curlers or beauty shops.
  • Her beauty won’t run in a rainstorm.
  • She will never be sick, just allergic to jewellry and fur coats.
  • She will insist that moving the furniture is good for her figure.
  • She will be an expert in cooking, cleaning, fixing the car, painting and keeping quiet.
  • Her hobbies will be mowing the lawn and washing dishes.
  • She will hate credit cards.
  • Her favourite expression will be “What can I do for you dear?”.
  • She will think you are a genius and look like her favourite movie star.
  • She will ask you to go out with the boys so she can get some housework done.
  • She will love you because you are so sexy.

My job is business development and technical consultanting, and that trains me to be very practical and down to earth about things. If you want something, you have to have something to offer. But be realistic!


Although looks gives us an added advantage, but all they really expect is neat. You don’t have to have those bodies to attract the girl of your dream!

Girls put on make up because guys are attracted by what they see.

Guys tell lies because girls are attracted by what they hear.

But a wise girl will listen to what you have to say, and see what you put into action, before deciding if you’re someone she can trust to depend on, or live with, for the remaining years.


What girls want from guys

All that a girl really want is a guy who would.…….

  • move their hair away from their eyes and then kiss them
  • hold their hands in line at the movies, making other girls jealous
  • sing to them at random moments
  • let her sleep on their chest
  • protect her from all the cruelties of this world
  • dance with her in the rain and smile at those watching
  • make her laugh without even trying
  • take her to the park and put his hands around her waist, giving her a big bear hug all the time
  • never afraid to say “I Love You” to her infront of his family and friends
  • argue over silly things then then make up
  • kiss her at midnight on new years and sit with her to watch the sunrise
  • stay at home with her on a friday night just to help her make dinner and watch a home movie together
  • tell her she is beautiful, just the way she is
  • be there for here when she needs him
  • treat her with respect
  • support her through the good times and bad

And most importantly…. be her best friend and never break her heart!


The Five Must Knows for Guys

[list type=”bignumlist”]

  1. A man must know how to cook

    Cooking is no longer a chore of a woman. Guys today are expected to cook alongside their wife. (And it’s pretty romantic too! Don’t you think?) They used to say “to capture a man’s heart, you must first conquer his stomach”. However in this 21st century, guys wearing an apron with the ability to whip up a sumptuous meal is especially appetizing to girls.

  2. A man must know his flowers & chocolates

    Flowers and chocolates are a necessity in any relationship. No matter how unwilling she is towards accepting your flower, prepare to be crucified if you miss sending her flowers on an important occasion. Know what each flower and its associated color means will definitely be a plus point!

  3. A man must know geography

    Girls cannot stand it when they are the ones making all the decisions for dates, and the guy is always bringing her walking in circles (especially when she’s wearing heels!). Therefore, before you go out on a date with your girl, do sufficient research on the area, such that in the event that the dinner place is close, you know of an alternative and where are the convenient stores just in chase she needed to buy something for that time of the month.

  4. A man must know tolerance

    Guys must understand that girls can be temperamental at times and it’s simply not their fault. No matter how ridiculous the matter is or how unreasonable she is, the guy should always try to understand his girl’s habits and try to work things out nicely. Be a gentleman, apologize first even if you are not in the wrong. This simple gesture goes a long way, and she will appreciate you even more!

  5. A man must know his girl

    This is the most important aspect in maintaining a relationship! Girls are very observant. Remember the details. As the saying goes, it’s the little things that build up! When you become more observant and remember even the slightest detail, it is easier to give her surprises that she’d love you for!


28 Golden Rules to maintain that relationship and attracting her

[list type=”bignumlist”]

  1. Be honest

    Honesty is the best policy. Relationships are built on trust.

  2. Be real

    Don’t put on a fake front and act like something you are not. Truth will see the light.

  3. Be gallant and gentlemanly

    Hold the door, pull the chair (not her hair!), & etc…

  4. Be conscious of your appearance

    Neat hair, ironed cloths, and no BO! She probably spent 1 hour dressing up before meeting you. Please at least return the respect.

  5. Be punctual

    or better yet, early for all dates.

  6. Be a MAN!

    Take the lead and be the one who initiates. If your girl has to plan your date, you’re a LOSER!

  7. Be generous

    Never go on dutch on the first date and special occasions

  8. Be patient

    Girls tend to take a longer time the bathroom.

  9. Be sensitive

    It is what guys lack, and all girls look out for.

  10. Be a good listener

    Sometimes when girls talk, they just wanted someone to pour their heart out to. They weren’t looking for a solution

  11. Be tactful

    Refrain from making unnecessary negative remarks (e.g. you’ve been eating a lot lately?)

  12. Be observant

    Take note of what she might take an interest to and surprise her with a small gift every now and then. Girls love surprises and it keeps the spark going.

  13. Be knowledgeable

    Know enough to make her go WOW! But don’t make her feel stupid talking to you! It’s a fine line.

  14. Be humorous

    It’d help them forget all the stress and enjoy being around you. Humor results in happiness.

  15. Be respectful

    Never belittle her opinions and taste. When she says no, respect it.

  16. Be sweet.

    like offering to send her to her doorstep.

  17. Be faithful

    Never drool over other girls in front of her

  18. Be caring

    Send her a text every few hours to make sure she’s fine. NOT STALK HER AND SEND HER AN SMS EVERY TWO MINUTES!

  19. Be helpful

    Run errands for her, such as return her library books, when she’s really busy.

  20. Be her “galfriend”

    Do gal things with her once in a while, such as offering to go shopping with her and carrying her shopping bags.

  21. Be amiable

    Get along with her family and friends.

  22. Be accommodating

    Petty fights are inevitable, but try to give in whenever necessary.

  23. Be aware of your priorities

    Never rank her lower than the first place on your “to-do” list. Not what you dirty minds thinK!

  24. Be expressive

    Always tell you that you love her and hold her hands when walking with her. Be proud of her!

  25. Never be forgetful

    It’s important to remember all the dates of those special occasions (e.g. anniversaries, etc). If you want to go the extra mile, remember her parents’ birthday and drop them a call at home on those days to wish them happy birthday. It goes a long way.

  26. Never be clueless

    Always be aware of how your girl is feeling and act accordingly. It’s always nice to have a shoulder to cry on.

  27. Never be too controlling

    You don’t own her and she doesn’t need a second dad.

  28. Be there for her.

    Isn’t that what a relationship is all about?



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