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The Week of Blogger Meet-ups and Nice Food

Darren Sim March 8, 2012 Food, L.i.f.E No Comments

[box type="warning"]UPDATE: Just a quick update, I’m no longer doing PR/Biz Development for Jeric Salon, as of April 28, 2012. Will be transitioning to a Jeric Salon sponsored blogger instead. Do keep a look out on my latest happenings via my latest posts.[/box]

Last week was break week in SMU, but a really busy week for me at Jeric Salon. If you missed my previous post; I’m helping Jeric in the PR & Business Development areas. Spent the entire week at Ion Orchard trying to understand the business better and also meet-up with bloggers whom we’ve invited for a chat for potential hair sponsorship.

They include DJ Misty, Honey Lim and the famous Naomi Neo.

One major achievement: I’ve learn how to wash hair and do head-massage. Lucky whoever is my future wife.


We hosted DJ Misty at Ion Orchard last friday where the director Kai Ting personally attend to Misty. Jeric also gracefully joined in for a photoshot.


On tuesday (March 6… My birthday!!!), Honey Lim dropped by our Bugis Outlet and enjoyed a suite of treatment directly from Bugis Director Michelle and her assistant.

Oh my… So fast and it’s thursday (today!)… Oh my! Can I have like 72 hours a day… Like seriously, I think I spend too much time on Twitterverse lately. I have 4K+ followers! YAY!!!

This is not my girlfriend. Don’t get mistaken arh! Although very pretty…
I was just showing-off to her all the cool photo apps I have on my iPhone, and instantly took a photo of her and edited it. haha..

On the recommendation of Arthur, we had lunch at this Sushi place (Sushi Express) at Citylink Mall where everything was $1.50, with 1 free cheesecake per head.

Wooo… Look at those cakes swirling past???

Self-service green tea.. Looks a bit cheepo compared to the ones I had at Itacho. But it actually taste okay.. Not that bad as it seems. haha…

The tap to get hot-water. I wish I have one of this in my room too… Den I can cook like… instant noodles anytime I want!

Each of these Sushi is just $1.50! They didn’t pay me to blog ok!

Even the damn Wasabi and Ginger is on the conveyor. WTF! I was chasing this two things like an idiot lah! Whoops… *unglam*

Hur hur! Dont know why this plate got light.. haha.. that aunty keep looking at me take photo and siam me! But… catch-cha!

White-bait Sushi… Looks pretty don’t you think?

Don’t recommend the egg sushi though. Taste like the egg at QiJi more than the jap type. Try at own risk.

Arthur ordered this special smoked salmon.. Hahaha…
It was not a lunch date with Wan Ting… Just in case you were thinking something else.

The aunty roasting the Salmon in front of us, and so graciously giving me such a good angle for this shot!

Oh my… This is like the best thing… Seriously!
TIP for Readers: If you don’t ask for this, you don’t get it!

Looks like Macha ice-cream right? Nah! This is Macha Mua-ji. I don’t recommend the desert here as it sits on the conveyor too long and is no longer cold.


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