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Lunch at Song Fa Ba Kut Teh

Darren Sim January 19, 2012 Food No Comments

This morning was a super rushed one for me as I had a few deadlines that were due by noon and had about 30+ pages of readings to complete before 7pm! Adding on to this I had a 8.30am meeting with two new team members for a business process project; Arthur and Penelope (yes, her name is damn unique).


Miraculously I somehow managed to finnish 3 deadlines + 1 meeting + 1 long phone conference call by 1145 am! What an achievement right? To reward myself, Arthur and Penelope was very nice to accompany me to Clark Quay to savor this Bak Kut Teh (map) opposite Central Mall (map).

Introducing Arthur and Penelope

All these photos are taken and editing using my iPhone, so it’s abit cui… Sorry…

I’m really excited, because this is the first time I am drinking Chinese tea at a Bak Kut Teh place… I know very sua ku, but…. It was damn fun…. I think this is called “ya pian” or duno what pian.

Oh my… Look at these small cups… Must drink how many cups then can quench my thirst? I NEED TO ATTEND TEA APPRECIATION CLASS!

Woops… It’s called 香片 (xiang pian), not ya pian… Just remembered ya pian is some drug.. hahaa…

Arthur’s steady hands…

This is the “first round tea”, which technically is not good for drinking. Arthur said the first round must pour away, after that then can drink, so not so bitter.

OOoh… Look at my deliciously yummy Bak Kut Teh… Yummy… The soup can refill for free.. Free的!

Notice? It does not come with 油条 (you tiao). So if you want, please order it as a side-order. I have to say this play is quite decently priced (SGD 10 each) for the location and quality of food. I highly recommend this place and founder’s bak kut teh if you want to host your foreign friends to a local feast.

After that, I went back to office to collect my Gmarket delivery… Yay! Finally after 6 weeks… Guess what? To make up for the late delivery, they gave me two small bottles of perfume which I gave to my nicest group mates.  :rotfl:

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