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The december that I went missing for 18 days

Darren Sim December 19, 2011 Random Rants No Comments

[box type="warning"]UPDATE: Just a quick update, I’m no longer doing PR/Biz Development for Jeric Salon, as of April 28, 2012. Will be transitioning to a Jeric Salon sponsored blogger instead. Do keep a look out on my latest happenings via my latest posts.[/box]

After sleeping my entire sunday away, I’m proud to announce that I’m back and kick-in after being missing in actions for the past 18 days. Although my job was quite stress-free, but the fact that I’ve multiple commitments (teaching, preparing proposal for project tenders, preparing project proposals, helping friend edit their website, playing aunt agony, and the list goes on), made my past weeks especially tiring.

My original plan to go back to Taiwan (I’m Singaporean, but I love Taiwan so much that I always joked with friends that I’m   a Taiwanese born and bred in Singapore -_-) was interrupted by work commitments this december; probably I will visit Taiwan in April next year instead. But guess what!!! Many of my friends are visiting Taiwan this december, and Xue Ling got me this bigger sized Rabbit Pig stuffed toy, than the one I had hanging on my bag. Ain’t she sweeeeeet?  O:-)

For the past 5 years that I’ve been doing corporate training (yes, although I can be a little “himbo” sometimes, but I do have brains ok! haha), I’ve to say my students in December 2011 were the sweetest!!! This lovely box of Ferrero is from JiaHui, a very lovely and hardworking and passionate girl from my final class for the year.

Introducing my hairstylist - Kai Ting, the Director of Jeric Salon Ion. As some of you might already know, I’m quite particular about my hair; and I’ve to say that I’m really fortunate to be offered a hair sponsorship by Jeric Salon for the past 12+ months. What I liked about Jeric Salon (yes, I used to be a paying customer at Jeric Salon for 3+ years before I was offered the hair sponsorship) is the good service and the easy to maintain, yet stylist cuts. I will begin writing more about the hair culture in my coming posts.. STAY TUNED!!! 

My hair color until Saturday, very korean pop kind of color. I am kind of bored of this color and since the roots are darkening, I decided it’s time to get a new color

My new awesome hair color (it’s blue-ish ash) recommended by Kai. To get this color, first the hair needs to be bleached at various intensities at different parts of the hair, and the dye was applied to only the top and bottom layer, so that the middle layer is still gold, creating an awesome color contrast.

My bad that I went by the Salon too late thus we only ended at about 9.30. We (Kai and I) originally wanted to go to this really famous Ramen place, but by the time we reached there, it closed. In the end, we settled for this pretty nice japanese place (Tamo something. Can’t really remember the name of the place) at Clark Quay after doing my hair.

My little fish + garlic + plum rice & miso soup. Although the portion is not too big, but it is really tasty. I don’t mind eating this on a daily basis. Inexpensive, and healthy.

Kai’s curry udon. I think it was too spicy for him. Can tell that he didn’t really like it, but he still finished it up, not wanting to waste food.

A very special mushroom salad with half-boiled egg. This is my favorite dish for the night.

Unagi Eel with special rice-cake. It tastes really good when you just put the whole thing in your mouth. Awww…

What is a Japanese meal without Chawamushi? hahaha… Somehow I thought the taste is very similar to that of Sushi Tei. I still prefer the one at Itacho-Sushi.

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