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This will be the hell week of the month of september

Darren Sim September 27, 2011 L.i.f.E No Comments

This is going to be a hell week for all of us at SMU, before the semester break next week (which is not actually a break as it’s for us to catch-up on our work and do readings). :-(

With 2 assignments, 2 journals, 1 presentation and 1 mid-term all due within the week, I’m going to be really sleep deprived, therefore grumpy. So far, one assignment and one mid-terms down, and I’m rushing for another assignment plus presentation all due tomorrow.

Guess what! We’re supposed to find out what features should be part of iPad3…

Went to JooJoo again on Sunday to complete my readings for EIS. No surprises, it was cappuccino again. haha…

Stuffed Toufu

Went across the road to have “Stuffed-Toufu” at Alibaba Cafe (that’s the real name, I’m not making fun of the place). The aunty here always acts blur when I ask for extra chili. So in the end, have to go take myself, and she keeps “loitering” around my table to make sure the extra chili I took did not go to waste. ?:-)


Ok. I’ve to admit that I still haven’t got over my roundness, although I don’t really look that round under the conceals of my multiple layered cloths. Went over to the Xndo store at Parkway Parade to get some of these Xndo packs which is supposed to help me keep my weight in control. Bought five packets of two flavors to give it a shot. Besides, it’s only three bucks.

My monday sucked as I was not feeling well since the morning, went to the SMU Clinic to get some medicine and went for my mid-terms, only to feel worse after the test (the paper was manageable). I’m so lucky that I completed my assignment due on monday the night before, else I bet I will end up getting ZERO! tsk tsk..

Salad in a Jar

Feeling better today, went to 15 Minutes to meet up with my groupies to do my project due on Wednesday. Not wanting to feel guilty and having lost appetite due to the medicine, I settled for healthy tuna salad.

This jug of vegetable plus some fish cost $9.20!!!! Omg. I should have taken the jug home to plant flowers or something!

Tuna in the Jar

This is the tuna!

A look into the Jar

And more tuna!!!! Ok… I need to get back to my assignments or face the perils of getting ZERO tomorrow. :yawn:

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